The Business of Extraordinary Living- Fly-In Homes and Private Landing Strips

Having a private landing strip is of one of the most extravagant features imaginable and only some of the most exclusive homes around the world have access to them. In South Florida, Lindberg Landings is a private community where residents have access to an FAA approved landing strip where they can taxi their aircraft right to their front door for maximum convenience and privacy. Here we gather some of these special homes:

Actor John Travolta is known to have a love of airplanes and his mansion in Ocala, Fl is complete with a landing strip and ‘jetport’ where he parks his Boeing 707. He lives in the community of “Jumbolair” surrounded by multimillion dollar estates that all have planes in their garages instead of cars. There are approximately 125 homes in the neighborhood, that also have access to a 7,550 foot runway.

There are over 500 private airstrip communities in the country, mostly located in rural areas for obvious reasons. Florida has a high concentration of “Runway Homes”, because the warm climate makes airplane maintenance easier.  In most of these neighborhoods common roads are used for both cars and aircrafts.

Having access to a private landing strip from your home, is the epitome of being a jet-setter!

Burntwood Air Ranch in Lakeland, FL


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