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Andres Calleja

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Born and raised in Miami, Andres has experienced the city and all that Miami has to offer. As the city has grown, so has Andres, giving him first hand knowledge and insight that can benefit his clients.

Raised in Coral Gables, Andres has a thorough understanding of the area where he has spent his entire life in. Additionally, Andres devotes a lot of his time and effort to the Midtown and Brickell areas, both exploding markets.

Andres earned his B.S.B.A. degree in marketing from the Catholic University of America in Washington D.C., a city as diverse as Miami. From early in his career, Andres connects well with people from a myriad of backgrounds. His undergraduate concentration in marketing allows him to properly assess what each property features, and in turn, effectively target-market the property.

Andres’ negotiation skills, whether on the selling side or buying side, assure his clients the best deal possible. Do not hesitate to contact Andres for any of your real estate needs, as Andres will assist you immediately.


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